Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 7 Pictures

So one time, Sister Haviland got a package of weird stuff, including mustaches. An impromptu photoshoot unsued.

This little chica is Ashling.  I love her to bits.  She sat next to me in sacrament meeting yesterday and we drew the following pictures together.

So...we don't talk about this.  But let's just say some keys got locked in a certain car and a certain pair of elders had skills that need not be mentioned but were of great assistance in reclaiming those keys. (Disclaimer: I didn't do it.)

Here's the thing about a zone of missionaries all in one place.  We really like taking pictures of each other.

This is most of us right before a break the fast.

This is my roomie Sister Ray. We are basically the same person.

Me and Sister Martin were buds in the MTC and I love her.

And Elder Tanner just can't take your picture without putting himself in the next one.

Our ZL's insist that Elder Tanner is Aladdin and I am Jasmine.  I'll let you decide.

We're gonna pretend this is me showing you our apartment and not from that time something weird overcame me that resulted in fifty selfies.

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